Identify VMs affected by VMware Tools and RSS Incompatibility Issue

Last month VMWare published a blog post ( about an issue affecting Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 and newer Guest OS’s running VMware Tools versions 9.10.0 up to 10.1.5, the paravirtual VMXNet3 driver. Basically Windows Receive Side Scaling (RSS) is not functional. RSS enables network adapters to distribute the kernel-mode network processing load across multiple processor cores in multi-core computers. The distribution of this processing makes it possible to support higher network traffic loads than would be possible if only a single core were to be used. This still hasn’t been fixed but when it does you may need to determine which machines are still impacted.

In order to determine which machines are exposed/potentially impacted in your environment by this bug (and also check if RSS is flagged as enabled in guest) the following script can be used. Once this bug is fixed; if you have machines that don’t have RSS enabled that have multicore you should consider enabling it !

For the latest version please refer to