PowerCLI module to manage Organisation Rights in vCloud Director 8.20

UPDATE: 16/09/2017 – Updated the Module and added new cmdlets and improved error checking. Tested on vCloud Director 8.20.01 and available from GitHub - see this post for new cmdlets.

Good day ! Today I wanted to quickly write up a post about some modules I have been working on for PowerCLI to expose/automate/simplify manipulation of the vCloud Organisation Rights. A really cool addition to vCloud Director 8.20 is the NSX feature parity and the HTML5 User Interface for Edge Gateways that comes with it and a change to how the vCloud Organisation roles work which is now granular for each Organisation (use to be rights enabled for all or none).

So presently if you wish to turn on Distributed Firewall and Advanced Networking Services Rights you have to do this via the API for each organisation in vCloud. (Presently no GUI access to turn these features On) which is described in VMWare KB2149016. These modules (available on GitHub) are designed to make this process a bit easier.

Some quick notes about enabling these Services:

  1. Check your licensing  – the Advanced Networking capabilities might be there but you might not be able to provide them to customers depending on your Service Provider entitlements
  2. The new features require an Edge to be upgraded to an Advanced Edge – you may for many reasons not want customers to be able to do this however by default customers have the ability to Convert Edges (Org Admin)

This code need work and I will be making a revision and extending these as I explore the new APIs and the gaps in the builtin cmdlets however please enjoy any bugs/feedback is appreciated. Load via “Import-Module Module-vCloud-RightsManagement.psm1″

Below are a quick summary of the main user functions;

The cmdlet is designed to allow the Org Rights to be exported to a CSV for manipulation by other tools which can be later imported back into vCloud. This could be used for third party compliance/reporting or just for loading into Excel to enable/disable selected services in a nicer interface then direct API calls. The CSV is just in the format of the Role Name and if it is enabled (true) or disabled (False) for the Org.

The cmdlet will replace the OrgRights with those set to enabled in the provided CSV (which should be generated from an Export-CIOrgRights cmdlet.

Returns a collection of the available rights in the cloud and if they are enabled for the provided Organisation

Returns a collection of the available rights in the Global cloud infrastructure.

Adds a single vCloud Director right to an Organisation

Removes a single vCloud Director right from an Organisation


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