Customizing the Lightwave SSO Sign-On Page

The following is a brief post to outline how to customise the SSO Sign-On page for Project Lightwave. The Project Lightwave Single Sign-On Service is used as the authentication engine for the Photon Platform. Users will be displayed this page whenever they logon to the service and parts of the page can be customized using the Lightwave Administration UI. The following will walk through the configurable options and the anatomy of the page.

Name : HTML to Display in the Header of the SSO Page
Display Banner Checkbox : If selected this requires users to check a box “I agree to XXXXXXX” before they are able to login or they are displayed with a error “In order to use our services, you must agree to XXXXXXXX” if this is not enabled (and Hide Banner and Title is disabled) the link is shown to the Banner however users are not required to agree.
Hide Banner and Title: If this is enabled the Banner is not shown to the users
Content: HTML to display when users click the “I agree to XXXXXXX”

To change the settings and customize these options select Policies & Configuration from the side menu and select Login Banner and click Edit you can then Edit each of the settings discussed above.

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