SIOC and Provider/Organization VDC Storage Profile Management in vCloud Director with PowerShell

Long time since my last post due to some major life events however thanks to some annoying Jet Lag I have managed to get some work done on a project I have been working on slowly over the past couple of months; development of some PowerShell cmdlets to expose and add support for updating VDC and Provider Storage Profiles/Policies in vCloud Director 8.20/9.0

The rationale for creating these cmdlets was twofold;

  1. There is currently no way to set the Storage I/O control parameters in vCloud Director outside of the API
  2. The Org VDC/Provider Storage Profiles are not readily exposed in PowerCLI which makes them a bit difficult to work with (need to combine API calls and vCloud Views)

Why would you want to use these cmdlets ? Two main use cases that I have;

  1. For orchestrating dynamic updates to the Org VDC Storage Profile limits; for example if you want to prevent Organisations from consuming all of your backend storage in a short period of time (and have limits set) but don’t want to have to manually update the limits/have clients calling asking why they can’t create a new VM or expand a disk these cmdlets can be used to adjust the Org VDC limits based on the available storage in the backend Provider Storage Profile as space is consumed/reclaimed
  2. If you wish to implement SIOC in vCloud in an Organization VDC Storage Policy, limit the IOPS available globally to that Storage Policy etc. and if there is “peak”/”off-peak” arrangement with a customer whereby there Storage Policies adjust based on Time of Day (e.g. Test Tier is throttled during 9am-9pm) this might assist
The code is available on GitHub here or below. The documentation in the PowerShell (get-help cmdlet -full) is more complete however below are a quick summary of the main user functions and how to use them;
  • Get-OrgVdcStorageProfile : Returns the Storage Policies/Profiles which are defined on the target Organisation Virtual Datacenter object.
  • Set-OrgVdcStorageProfile : Sets the properties of a provided Org VDC Storage Policies/Profiles.
  • Get-ProviderVdcStorageProfile : Returns the Provider VDC Storage Profile objects for the target organisation.
  • Set-ProviderVdcStorageProfile: Allows the settings to be adjusted on a Provider VDC Storage Profile

These cmdlets are a big rough and more work to do when time permits but have been tested on PowerCLI 6.5.1 and vCloud Director 8.20.1 and 9.0; I hope you get some value from these cmdlets and #LongLiveVCD


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