vCloud Director 9.1 – Tenant Portal displays “No Datacenters are Available” after upgrade

vCloud Director 9.1 continues to strengthen the functionality of the tenant portal and introduces new functionality including upload of OVA/media without the Client Integration plugin. I ran into an issue immediately after the upgrade however with the Tenant Portal displaying “No Datacenters are available”.

If you are using certificates signed by an internal CA when you upgrade you may run into this issue. The issue is due to changes in enforcement of certificates in the API/Tenant Portal. The fix is pretty straight forward; you must configure the Public Key certificate chain in Base64 format against the API/Tenant portal Public Address settings if you haven’t done this (like me).


Step 1. Using a Browser navigate to your vCloud Director instance and view the Public Key for the SSL Certificate (in Chrome Developer Tools > Security > View Certificate) that is assigned against the Installation and select Details > Copy to File

Step 2. Click Next and select Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER) and click Next and save the certificate file.

Step 3. Next select the Certificate Path and repeat this process for any certificates in the Certificate Path

Step 4. Open the .cer files generated in Notepad and copy and paste all of the Certificates into one certificate chain.

Step 5. Logon to vCloud Director as a System Administrator (via the FlexUI) and select Administration > Public Addresses, under the API (and if relevant the Tenant Portal sections) paste the certificate chain created in Step 4 into the Certificate Chain and click Apply

Step 6. Now refresh the Tenant Portal and everything should be in order.

Thanks to jm13 on the VMTN forums and Daniel Paluszek from VMWare for the information regarding this issue and resolving it. Hopefully a KB article will be published by VMWare soon.