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Adrian Begg

My name is Adrian Begg and I am an IT Professional. The first PC I had access to was an Intel 286 in 1989 and I have been pulling apart, breaking and trying to put things back together since then; now I get paid to do it which is handy. I currently work as a Systems Engineer for a Managed Services Provider in Brisbane, Australia.

I started this blog because I wouldn’t be as effective at what I do without the contributions of others on blogs such as this one. I am a staunch supporter of increasing open access to information and knowledge to improve quality and efficiency in the industry. I have meant to start this for years but always used the excuse I was too busy but you need to start somewhere – it might have taken 4 years for the first post hopefully it won’t be another 4 years for the next. This blog seeks to be a brain dump to assist others solve problems. 

My key focus areas at present are (which is to say what I work on the most);

  • VMWare vSphere/vCloud
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Active Directory Directory Services and ADFS
  • Netscaler Load Balancing

This blog / website is in no way affiliated with or related to employers past or present. All opinions, guidance and views expressed are solely my own.

Why PigeonNuggets ? From an office joke about a tissue box somehow I ended up registering the domain pigeonnuggets.com which is what the first post is all about. I started using it for my lab and …the rest is history as they say.


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