vCloud Extender Powershell Module

Long time no post ! Recently I have been recently I have been working a lot with vCloud Extender and developed some Powershell cmdlets to speed up testing in my Lab. Unfortunately the module has been “half-done” for months and I have just not had the time outside of work to finalise it. So thanks to a short trip down to Austria for the weekend I managed to finish off the last cmdlet I wanted before releasing it.

So what is it ? In short I have hacked together a Powershell module to facilitate repeatable deployment of vCloud Extender as code. During product testing I had to redeploy my test lab hundreds of times and to avoid needless troubleshooting from a typo in a Public IP address or a Port these cmdlets ensured consistency.  The cmdlets are primarily for use with the Provider-Side components at this stage however I do intend to expand them to customer-side components as well in the future and continue development. As the API is not publicly described the cmdlets are based on experimentation and as such may not work as expected; be warned these should not be used in Production and are provided as-is and without support.

Please note that although there are some certificate replacement cmdlets the procedure for replacing the self-signed certificates with Publicly CA signed certificates is unfortunately very complex and as such the subject of a future post. A brief overview of the cmdlets; 

The code is available here or at the end of this post.


  • Connect-CXService – Establish a connection to the CX Cloud Service
  • Disconnect-CXService – End a connection/session with the CX Cloud Service

CX Cloud Service

  • Get-CXServicevCenter – Returns information on the currently configured Management vCenter
  • Add-CXServicevCenter – Adds a Management vCenter configuration to the installation (for deployment of CCE/CCMs)
  • Set-CXServicevCenter – Updates the properties of the Management vCenter for the the currently connected vCloud Extender Cloud Service or Connector Service
  • Get-CXServiceVCDConfiguration – Returns the currently configured vCloud Director installation information
  • Add-CXServiceVCDConfiguration – Adds a vCloud Director installation to the CX Cloud Service
  • Get-CXServiceVCDResourcevCenter – Returns information about the currently configured resource vCenter
  • Enable-CXServiceVCDResourcevCenter – Enables a Resource vCenter that is registered as a vCloud Director Resource vCenter – configuration is used to replicate customer workloads
  • Remove-CXServiceVCDConfiguration – Removes a vCloud Director installation from the CX Cloud Service configuration
  • Get-CXServiceCertificateChain – Returns the certificate information for the CX Cloud Service
  • Get-CXServiceTrustedCertificates – Returns the certificates in the trusted certificate store for the CX Cloud Service
  • Install-CXServiceCertificateChain – Replace the certificate for the CX Cloud Service
  • Add-CXServiceTrustedCertificate – Install a certificate into the trusted certificate store for the CX Cloud Service (add CCE/CCM certificate as trusted by the CX Service)
  • Remove-CXServiceTrustedCertificate – Remove a certificate from the trusted certificate store for the CX Cloud Service (an existing CCE/CCM certificate)

Cloud Continunity Manager(CCM) 

  • Get-CXServiceCCM – Return information about the current CCM deployed in the installation
  • Add-CXServiceCCM – Installs a new CCM to the CX Cloud Service
  • Enable-CXServiceCCM – Activate and configure the CCM to accept connections from CCEs
  • Remove-CXServiceCCM – Delete the CCM from the CX Cloud Service installation (and remove the virtual machine)

Cloud Continunity Engine (CCE)

  • Get-CXServiceCCE – Return information about the current CCE’s deployed in the installation
  • Add-CXServiceCCE – Installs a new CCE to the CX Cloud Service installation
  • Enable-CXServiceCCE – Activate and configures the CCE to accept connections from external replicators (customers)
  • Remove-CXServiceCCE – Removes the CCE from the installation
  • Set-CXServiceCCE – Changes the Public Endpoint (IP and Port) for an existing CCE

Use get-help cmdlet -full for usage/examples. A small sample usage (Automated Deployment after initial Appliance Deployment) to register vCloud, vCenter Management and Resource servers, deploy and activate a CCM and CCE:

Enjoy and as always if there are any bugs/questions please reach out to me and let me know. #LongLiveVCD